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Fun World Child Lil' Champ Boxer Costume Large (12-14)

Fun World Child Lil' Champ Boxer Costume Large (12-14)

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Getting ripped takes physical strain, dedication and good old fashion guts. But if you want your child to be in fighting condition in a hurry, you might not have time for all that. Wearing this boxer costume set will at least make him look like a champ, even if he didn't knock out any other fighters. Just remember that you have to teach him a few moves, like how to duck and weave, before you actually toss him in the ring as the champ. - Robe - Bodysuit - Belt - Gloves

  • Polyester
  • Size: Large (12-14)
  • 100% polyester fabric & fiberfill
  • Blue velour robe has white edge bands
  • Fiberfill padding in chest of bodysuit gives muscular appearance
  • Sleeveless bodysuit fastens w/ Velcro at center back

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