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Killer Clown Costume - Halloween Kids Scary Horror Evil Villain Outfit, White, Red

Killer Clown Costume - Halloween Kids Scary Horror Evil Villain Outfit, White, Red


Clowning Glory Oh...don't you mind them! Your kid is just lurking around the house, being their usual self, dressed in this Child Horror Clown Costume. What? Is something...bothering you about them? Are they making you...uncomfortable? We honestly can't see why. We just see a cheerful little clown, eating cereal. A cheerful clown doing their homework. A cheerful clown standing over you while you sleep at night... Just kidding! Obviously, this costume is bone-chilling and you have every right to be terrified! That's why your kiddo adores it. They are a fan of all things scary, and everyone knows there is nothing scarier than a deranged clown. This is bound to be the creepiest costume yet for your little one, and there have been a lot of contenders. So, go ahead and purchase this for your child, but beware: we release all liability of what goes down in your neighborhood once we ship it to your house! Product Details This irksome outfit can only be the brainchild of a demented lunatic...or costume genius! It's a classic gray clown costume, with a few twisted twists! The hemline of the shirt is jagged, the red pom "buttons" are off-kilter, and the whole thing is made much, much more horrifying with the right face paint job (check out our selection of clown makeup kits—essential to this look!). The creepy headpiece features bright red hair, albeit a bit receding, and a creepy little clown hat. We don't know exactly why this hat looks so eerie, but it probably has something to do with the deranged clown head it's topping. Fun and Games For your safety and the safety of others, you may want to limit your child's time spent in this costume to trick-or-treating, only. You don't want the persona of this outfit to rub off on them through extended wear. Keep a close eye on them, and remember, we warned you! Gulp. Good luck!   - Shirt - Pants - Hat - Waist Band

  • Size: Small
  • 100% polyester
  • Pullover shirt has hook and loop fastener on the back
  • Pants have elastic waistband
  • Belt is 66" long

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