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Palamon Rick and Morty Laser Gun Plastic Accessory

Palamon Rick and Morty Laser Gun Plastic Accessory


HAPPY RICK = DOOMED DIMENSION Our reality offers a host of many unique and wonderful creatures!  Fortunately, we usually aren't plagued by too many from a foreign dimension.  Of course, now that we're aware of Rick and his good-intentioned grandson, Morty, you can expect a few more visitors.  Whenever Rick pops into a new dimension, he's kind of like a magnet for alien parasites and galactic enforcers.  And, when he heads back home, he doesn't always take them back with him!  If only we had a way to protect ourselves from the aftermath. PRODUCT DETAILS Well, good news!  Turns out that Morty is looking out for us and left behind a few of Rick's Laser Guns.  You can protect yourself from all the strange monsters that you thought were imaginary when you hold this replica of the crazy animated show.  The bright colors clearly mean potent radioactive plasma... or do they mean safe entertainment?  You'll have a great time either way!  A SURE-FIRE ALIEN DETERRENT  There isn't much we can do to stop Rick from bringing trouble to our door (and, really, we probably wouldn't want him to stop, anyway).  But, you can be prepared to deal with everything from strange parasites to the Council of Ricks when you've got the righty Rick and Morty gear at your side!  - Toy Weapon

  • Plastic
  • Includes: One Toy Weapon
  • 100% Plastic
  • One Size

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