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Rob Zombie Halloween Michael Myers Kids Costume

Rob Zombie Halloween Michael Myers Kids Costume

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Class Act While new can be nice and exciting for a little bit, the novel can never stand up to the classics. This rule applies to almost anything. Take Oreos for instance. Sure, the different flavors are certainly exciting! How can people resist trying the pink bubblegum flavor or caramel apple come fall? But when it comes down to it, we all know that the classic chocolate and vanilla that we all know from our childhood will beat them all. So, when it comes to thriller movies, you need to be the one to teach your kids which movies are simply the new blockbuster and which ones are true blue classics to be revered in the horror movie genre. You don't want them thinking that some no-name knock-off villain is the king of thrills and chills when you know who the real deal is. So maybe it's a little early to introduce the kiddos to your thriller favorites or maybe not. Either way, this Halloween, it's time they learn a little about the classics.  Product Details Your kiddo will be ready to spread the fear this year when he puts on this no-nonsense Michael Myers jumpsuit and eerie mask. The mask is detailed with attached hair, scarring throughout the face, and a sickly shade of white for the skin. Whether they've seen the classic film yet or they're just getting a lesson in the Halloween classic, they're sure to have fun spooking people this holiday season! Halloween Homecoming So, is your child ready to head back to the Halloween roots you hold so dear this season? Make sure he's prepared. Choose from our horror movie accessories to make his or her look complete. You could even make his look a group costume by pairing this outfit with other classic horror movie characters. Browse through our selection and that Halloween party you're hosting this year might turn into a town classic! - Jumpsuit - Mask

  • Jumpsuit: 100% Polyester; Mask: 80% Latex, 20% Alpaca
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Hand Wash
  • Size: Medium
  • Rob Zombie Halloween Michael Myers Child Costume
  • 100% polyester jumpsuit

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