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Toy Story Women's Bo Peep Deluxe Costume

Toy Story Women's Bo Peep Deluxe Costume


Lost-and-Found We always knew Bo Peep was more than a simple damsel in distress. While she played her part perfectly when Andy was around, she showed a lot more spirit when it came to chatting with the other toys (ahem, Woody) alone. Once she was boxed up and taken away on a brand new journey, it was anyone's guess where she was heading. And really, it's been a couple of decades since we've last seen her. She could have been through multiple playrooms before ending up in the antique shop. That dusty, quiet setting was never meant for someone of her energy level. Nope, when she was headed for a life on the shelf she opted to leave her lamp behind. She gathered her sheep and committed to what Woody thought was the absolute worst fate for a toy, she became a lost toy. With plenty of toys who care about her and waves of kids coming through every day, we have to say seems like Bo Peep really found a home when she let herself get lost once and for all! Product Details You'll feel ready to take on that free-wheeling, sheep dealin', lost toy lifestyle when you slip into this Toy Story licensed Bo Peep costume. Featuring the blue ruffled jumpsuit that makes the figure ready for action, this costume also has little details like the bandages that Bo Peep used to keep her porcelain arms intact. It's easy to slip into character as the jumpsuit secures up the back with hook and loop strips and the polka dot cape secures around your neck the same way. Whether you're planning on raiding an antique store for an old friend or you're scavenging your way across a carnival, you're sure to love rocking this lacey yet action-ready look! Toying with the Heartstrings Bo Peep might be tough but she's got a soft side as well. Ready to come up with an adorable couple's costume while maintaining superheroine vibes? Pair up with Woody and enjoy life as lost toys together. It's an ending to the epic Toy Story tale that we can trust is truly happy.  - Jumpsuit - Belt - Cape - Headband - Pair

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • No Closure closure
  • Hand Wash
  • Size: Small

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