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Wicked Witch Women's Costume Small

Wicked Witch Women's Costume Small


Crafty Business Want a place to stay in your favorite fairy tale but the princess's castle is too expensive? Don't worry, your dream vacation might still have a happy ending! Get a taste for every side of fairy tale life when you book your stay at the Evil Witch's cottage. With a gorgeous view of Dismal Swamp, a full kitchen with cauldron so you can whip up family potions, and friendly resident cats, this is a vacation rental to remember. And since an enchanted sleeping fog rolls under the door each night, you won't have to beg the kids to go to bed. They'll simply fall asleep doing whatever they're doing. In fact, every morning you'll feel like you've slept for a hundred years. And honestly, you might have! (Victims of the long sleep will be charged for late check-out). Product Details   While a stay at the Dismal Swamp cottage might be a rip-off, this costume is sure to be a great investment! The classic look is sure to be a good time. The top buttons up the front and has full sleeves to make you feel elegant. The skirt is pleated at the top and goes down to the ankles. Topped with a classic witches hat, you're sure to love this costume no matter where the wickedness takes you! Focus Your Hocus A truly enchanting witch, whether she's good or bad, always makes sure she's got the right accessories. Polish off your costume with green paint makeup, pointy boots, and a classic broom. You might be dressing up for a play, meeting your coven for a get-together, or even just handing out candy. But we have to say, we love it that you're keeping up such a colorful tradition. Now all you've got to do is conquer that cackle!  

  • Size: Small

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